April playlist is a little bit on the fun side without being cheesey (or so I like to think). It’s probably my favourite playlist that I’ve made in a while since it’s quite upbeat with a bit of summer in it (:


I know I haven’t posted a song in forever (not that people actually pay attention to this type of thing), but today in work I’m totally excited about going to Disneyland next week! Enjoy some Bluetones - Sleazy Bed Track


Powerjam Avril Lavigne style?


Roller Derby Slut

So I’ve been even busier than normal lately with all the derby that’s going on.
I’ve had my first Team Ireland training session and it was brilliant! It was great getting to skate with so many people I have never skated with before. Unfortunately I had a slight dose of food poisoning on the Saturday morning which meant that during the Saturday session I had to sit out a fair bit. I felt like a total wimp, but I hadn’t eaten all day and the previous day’s food had already made its exit. Overall I don’t think I did too badly, but I wouldn’t be placing any bets on a place in the top 20 for Texas!

The following weekend was the All Ireland Championships up in Belfast which was a lot of fun. Fear City got to play our B team, Limerick, and Belfast. We also took home first place, whoop! It was so much fun getting to hang out with my league for the weekend, cheer on our B team and play 3 games! Unfortunately we were playing a bit short handed - Katnip went over on her ankle the week before at Team Ireland training, Smack was meant to be at Lead Change but was actually too sick to go (ended up coming and watching the Sunday games) and BA got injured in warm ups for our opening game. We were also down Jemerald on Saturday which meant Bloody & Stabba were doing pretty much a one-one-one-off rotation (with Dirty thrown in to jam a couple of times in the second half). We did however get a chance to give our two new faces on the team track time which was great! Also, during the final jam of our game against the B team, Bloody decided it would be a great time to do a star pass and of course I was the eejit in the pivot stripe! Luckily I had some nice offense and it was a power jam so I barely took a hit (:

On Tuesday I spent 4 hours in the car after work driving to and from Tipperary to coach their session. Coaching isn’t a top priority for me - I coach DRD sessions mostly because it wasn’t fair to have one skater coaching all the time when our regular coach became unavailable to take our advanced sessions. I’m finally not scared of coaching and fairly comfortable leading our advanced sessions but I’d much rather be skating. So although I’m not huge into coaching, I do love helping other leagues out so I offered head down and coach them. Tipp are a pretty new league with only a handful of skaters who have bouted before and the session I was coaching also had some Fresh Meat skaters in it. I was happy with the lesson plan I put together and I thought it had a nice flow to it - breaking down a skill and then showing how to use it in a few different ways - improving hip checks, controlling a skater and driving them. They seemed to get a lot out of the session which was great! They also fed me brownies and came and got pizza with me afterwards so y’know, I now love Tipperary Roller Girls (it helps that they were all lovely too)!

This weekend I’m heading back to Tipp, this time doning my zebra stripes and reffing their open rookie scrimmage! I think I’m going to be jam reffing and I’m totally excited about this. I am, however, quite nervous about the new rules! Luckily the DRD officials are having a rules session tonight so I’ll probably feel a bit better about the rules afterwards. I’m going to say Major a lot!
Also organising a trip to Windsor over Easter which means I’ll get to see Cleo & Cian!


Happy Friday! Everyone needs to dance to this song (I usually dance to it in my car). Seriously catchy electro swing!





Bubbles compilation because she’s so accurate.

I identify so much with Bubbles.

i always felt like a bubbles



Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion


Hanson - Thinkin’ Bout Something

I wish more people would give these guys a chance. If this song doesn’t get your foot tapping then there’s something wrong with you. Also, bonus points for cute Blues Brother’s video! 


Shone: Piano Wire No. 12

Listening to Shone today, I love their creepy sound. I also finally got around to following up with Merch Direct about my record bundle I ordered from them last year that never arrived and they’re reshipping it, so I’m super happy! (Their customer support is fab!)


Disney Princess don’t need a man